The basic argument

The people I had in mind, when creating this blog, are those who believe in global warming but who don’t think we’ll stop it in time to avoid total disaster. My basic argument is that total disaster will necessarily be avoided, because we do have the means to stop it completely, and slowly worsening conditions guarantee that we will take that step in time. (That things will get worse, guarantees action; that things will get worse slowly, guarantees that we have time.)


3 Responses to “The basic argument”

  1. On “geo-engineering” « Climate Under Control Says:

    […] Climate Under Control Just another climate change weblog « The basic argument […]

  2. Singularity futurism versus sustainability futurism « Climate Under Control Says:

    […] set out to promote a particular climate policy as ideal, only to argue the more esoteric point that disaster will be averted. However, I do intend to discuss the merits of the various options, and that will require attending […]

  3. Olle H Says:

    This looks like a very promising blog. I would especially like too see the singularity vs sustainability topic explored further – much further! Climate change discussions often concern time perspectives of 100 years or more, yet the kinds of (scary) technological change envisioned by Eliezer Yudkowsky and others is hardly ever discussed in this context. It ought to.

    Anyway, here’s my three-word objection to your “basic argument”: climate change momentum.

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