Open thread for climate science issues

On this blog I am generally going to assume a standard view regarding how carbon dioxide affects global temperature. Most of the discussion will be about other matters, like how much “climate change mitigation” is necessary and how it might best be achieved. However, there are a lot of people out there who disagree with the very starting point – that current trends would lead to catastrophic global warming if maintained. This page is the place for that discussion. I don’t have the time now to spell out anew how I view the science, but earlier comments here and here should convey my position.


2 Responses to “Open thread for climate science issues”

  1. teageegeepea Says:

    I saw you taking a risk and talking sensible about AGW at Unqualified Reservations. I also just noticed you were the same person who commented at Vichy’s. Anyway, what do you think of David Friedman’s (and I think Bryan Caplan’s) take that we don’t know whether we should prefer the world to be warmer or cooler?

  2. mitchellporter Says:

    Rapid climate change in any direction is disruptive, especially for those who are already weak and marginal – poor people and threatened species. Deciding on a new better global temperature would be a game for wealthy countries only.

    Incidentally, since regional climates are set by other factors too (like land cover), one future for global climate politics is to have global negotiations which set a context for regional climate control.

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