The rainbow sign

Maybe a week ago, I discovered a rainbow banner plastered across my WordPress menu, something that I could not figure out how to remove. Investigations revealed many people complaining about this in 2015, around the time that the US Supreme Court decided that gay marriage is a constitutional right, rather than a matter for individual states to decide. (I recall too that Facebook made available to its users a filter which would allow them to rainbowize their profile pictures, in support or celebration.)

There is no notice or explanation as to why there is a rainbow in my reader now, but I guess it’s because Australia is about to vote on “marriage equality”. My previous investigations revealed no way to remove it except by editing some sort of browser style sheet. I may yet be driven to do just that, but first I have to note the obvious, that this is unfriendly and propagandistic behavior. I could even call it cultural imperialism, since (if I have interpreted events correctly) this is an intervention in Australian politics by an American company.

The obnoxiousness of it is apparent in that, even if you support it, there’s no way to dismiss it. In North Korea, you have to wear your Kim lapel-pin all the time, and in progressive cyberspace, you will have that rainbow on your screen for as long as the system administrators want it there.


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